Extraction and Preservation

If you need to have a tooth or teeth extracted—whether it be due to decay, abscess, gum disease or injury—it is usually in your best interest to do so in a manner which preserves as much of your underlying jawbone as possible. From the time the teeth are removed, significant degeneration of the surrounding bone begins to take place.


You have many options to prevent this, and it is important that you consider them BEFORE any teeth are removed. Some of these procedures are best performed at the time the tooth is removed.

There are several types of bone grafting materials and techniques. Dr. Crohin will discuss the most appropriate one with you.


After the tooth is extracted, the socket will be packed with bone and covered with a absorbable membrane then suture. Initially, the grafting material will support the tissue surrounding the socket, however in time it will be replaced by new alveolar bone. This bone will be an excellent support should you choose later to have dental implant-supported replacement teeth.